Wie benutzen Sie das System?

See videos of how it works

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Length: 3:20

  1. Create a client

    Click the 'Clients' section (at the top), and then 'New client'

    Fill in the details and click 'Create client'

    (If this is a returning customer, you select him in the customer list, and create a new product, or a new repair, depending on if he has brought this product in before)

  2. Create the product (bicycle, computer etc.)

    Fill in the details and click button 'Create'

  3. Create the repair

    Fill in the details and click button 'Create repair'

  4. Add materials and costs to the repair

  5. Send the client an email and SMS with the cost details!

  6. Repair details

    You can add comments, for example if the customer calls you asking for more to be done

    Set an estimated date for the product to be ready

    Zuweisen eines Mitarbeiters

    Geben Sie dem Reparaturvorgang einen Status

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Who is using the system?

  • Electric scooter repair shop
  • Bicycle repair shop
  • Computer repair shop
  • Mobile phone repair shop
  • Auto repair shop
  • Jewelry repair shop