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Online ticketing system for repairs

Repero is an online system where you store all your repairs and client history.
Informieren Sie Ihre Kunden mit einer e-Mail oder SMS, wenn die Reparatur abgeschlossen ist.
Send SMS from a bicycle repair shop software Free auto repair ticketing software

"We have been using Repero since 2017 and put over 2000 repairs through the system. Our customers love receiving emails and text messages, once their repair is completed."

Was kann Repero?

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How much time to you spend calling your customers, waiting on the phone?

With Repero, you can save time by clicking a button, which sends your customers Emails and SMS.

See videos of how it works

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€0 / mo

  • Alle grundlegenden Funktionen
  • 0 SMS / Monat
  • 10 e-Mails / Monat
Plan 50

€ 10 (EUR) / Monatlich

  • Alle grundlegenden Funktionen
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Unlimited inventory
  • 50 SMS / Monat
  • 50 e-Mails / Monat
Plan 100

€ 20 (EUR) / Monatlich

  • Alle grundlegenden Funktionen
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Unlimited inventory
  • 100 SMS / Monat
  • 100 e-Mails / Monat
Plan 300

€ 60 (EUR) / Monatlich

  • Alle grundlegenden Funktionen
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Unlimited inventory
  • 300 SMS / Month
  • 300 emails / Month

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Your own simple website

Get a free simple website for your repair shop on our shops page.

Some of the shops get +100 of visits each month through our website.

Be visible on the web and publish your shop with Repero.

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Repero was built using Open Source technologies, such as Ruby on Rails.

All data is stored in 'the cloud' on Google & Amazon's servers and backed up in multiple locations.

Repero itself is not Open Source, but we plan on open sourcing parts of it in the future, on our GitHub page.

Who is using the system?

  • Electric scooter repair shop
  • Bicycle repair shop
  • Computer repair shop
  • Mobile phone repair shop
  • Auto repair shop
  • Jewelry repair shop