Repair status lookup for customers

21th OF NOVEMBER, 2022
Status Lookup in Repair management system Gif

We have now created a portal that allows your customers to look up the status of their repair. The only thing the customer needs to look up the status is their repair number and either their phone number or email.

To enable this feature you need to check the Publish box and the Allow status lookup at the bottom of the settings page, here.

There you can also see the path to your shops page which has the status lookup portal and how to embed the status lookup iframe to your own website.

You can send clients their repair numbers through the custom emails or custom text messages and of course send them the link to your shops page.


Need help?

If you have any issues or questions you can always send us an email to or through our contact form here.

Or you have an idea for a new feature or for improvements? We are always intrested in hearing your thoughts!

By Lena Dís Rúnarsdóttir