Coming to Repero from another system

3rd OF MAY, 2023

If you are coming to Repero from another Repair management system like Repairshopr or similar, we have made it easy for you to get started right away using Repero.

You are able to upload all your Repairs or tickets and your clients and their products as well as your inventory, so getting started in Repero will take no time at all. We have made it easy for you to keep all your records so you can move over to Repero with minimal disturbance to your process.

To start with, we recommend inviting your employees to the system, that way you can have employees assigned to repairs and you can keep all your records. Just make sure the employee names in Repero match the employee name in your file.

Secondly, to keep your customers connected to their repairs, you need to start with uploading your client file and make sure your external_id will match the external_client_id in the repair file.

The most important part of uploading all the files is making sure that the first line of your CSV file matches with the information you are going to upload. So your first line should only include the details you want to upload and match the position of the actual data.

Export settings for upload to Repero a Repair software management system.

Another important thing is to choose the correct delimiters when exporting the file.

  • Field delimiter: , (comma)
  • String delimiter: " (double quotes)

For example, if I am going to upload the client list I have, and I only have name, email and telephone number. The first line of my CSV would look like this: name,email,tel1. So my document would look like this:

  • name,email,tel1
  • John Smith,, 5551234
  • Rose Jones,, 5556789
  • Jonas,, 5554321
Best Practises - Quick Guide

Delimiters for file export:

Field delimiter: , (comma)
String delimiter: " (double quotes)

Before you upload:

  1. Make sure the header of your CSV’s are correct
  2. Invite employees to Repero
  3. Match employee name in the file to the invited names in Repero, can be an email
  4. Match external_id in client file matches external_client_id in the repair file

Upload files in the correct order:

  1. Start with Clients file
  2. Then upload the repair/tickets file

To upload files check it out here and let us know if you have any issues!

By Lena Dís Rúnarsdóttir