Schedule Email Reminders

15th OF AUGUST, 2023

We have just launched a new highly requested feature, now you can create reminders for future appointments, follow-up or maintenance.

This feature will allow you to schedule a maintenance or follow-up for a future date when finishing the repair.

For example when you have finished a repair and you can see that the item will benefit from a follow-up in 6 months, you can schedule it inside the repair.

To schedule a reminder you do it from inside the repair. You first find the Reminders button and from there you can create a new reminder. Clicking the Reminders button will open a window where you can select the time you want to schedule the reminder to be sent at. There you can also enter the text and title you want to send to your customer.

We recommend creating a Custom Email that you can use as a template for the reminders you want to send out, but you can also write a reminder every time you want to create one or modify it with customised details specific to this product or customer.

Once you have filled out everything like you want to have it, you can click save. You have now scheduled a reminder to be sent at your chosen time. The reminder will be sent and your client can follow up with you when they will receive the reminder.

Remind clients to bring their item in for maintenance

By Lena Dís Rúnarsdóttir