Start using Repair Tags

20th OF OCTOBER, 2021
Screenshot of Repair tag

A recent addition to Repero are the repair tags. Our aim is to create a system that can be adapted to every company and the repair tags are a great example of that. They are applied to a repair and are very versatile and can be used for whatever suits your business and repair shop. For example, they can be used to mark an item's location in your shop, like ‘Shelf 11’ or the specific type of repair like ‘Broken Screen’ or ‘Flat Tire’ or whatever else comes to mind!

To start using the repair tags, you have to create the tags in settings. Once the tag is created, you can start using them in your repairs. Each repair can be tagged with as many tags as you want, you can then use these tags to filter the repairs in the Repair index page.

We would love to do more with the repair tags in the future so if you think of something, let us know and we will make it happen!


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By Lena Dís Rúnarsdóttir