Customise Repero to suit your needs

15th OF JANUARY, 2024

Repero’s goal is always to provide a simple but effective software that is built for our users. That is why we have customisations inside the system to fit your needs.

We have several fields that you can change the names of and add extra fields if you need to add further information for both products and repairs. You can find more about them here.

Another highly customisable feature are the
repair tags and product tags. Using repair tags is an excellent way to improve your workflow and keep relevant information ready at a glance. You can use it for anything you can think of, for example to group together a certain type of repair, like urgent or warranty, quick description of suspected issue, like Battery issue or shelf number of where the product is.

Use repair tags to customise Repero, your repair shop software
We also have custom pages where you can create a custom page with variables that you can print out for each repair. You can also use the custom pages to collect signatures from your customers, for example to confirm handover of a product.

You are of course able to customise your invoices and add your logo and choose the information you want to have on your invoices.

Finally something that will quickly improve and speed up communications with your customers is the custom emails and text messages. You can create your own customised templates and send out emails and text messages with relevant information to every repair with only one click. Saving you time from having to spend valuable time on the phone or writing down information for an email or text messages.

You are now also able to send emails from Repero from your own email address. This will allow your customers to immediately recognize the email address and context.

Repair shop software customisation for mobile phones

By Lena Rúnarsdóttir