Use Repero Webhooks

8th OF FEBRUARY, 2022
Client upload gif

We have now started to add webhooks to Repero. By using webhooks you can connect Repero to, for example, Shopify or another POS system you are using.

To begin with we have added one webhook. This webhook sends client information to whichever point you like. This can save time from having to enter your client information twice or having to copy/paste information between systems.

The webhook works with Zapier, where you can set up how the content is forwarded to Shopify.

Find the Webhook settings in the menu bar in settings.

We are planning to add more webhooks to Repero, what kind of webhook should we add next?


Need help?

If you need any help setting up, you can always contact us on twitter or through our contact form here.

Or you have an idea for a new feature or for improvements? We are always intrested in hearing your thoughts!

By Lena Dís Rúnarsdóttir