Save your client info online

Search all your clients by name or email or phone number. Sort them by name, number etc.

Manage your clients using repair ticketing software

Easily access repair history for each client.

You can access all information about previous repairs and easily follow each items history.

Easily follow client history using repair management system

Fill in all relevant information for Repairs

All information about repairs can be entered and keep track of communication with your clients.
Create your own statuses and repair tags to customise the workflow to your needs.

All information stored in Repero, repair management system

Send your clients Email or SMS

Notify the client with a click of a button with Text Messages and emails.
You can customize the content and send your clients information about their specific repair.

Send SMS using repair ticket software

Print Invoices

Print invoices with your logo, address and other information like bank account number and more.

Print invoices with Repero, a repair shop software

Inventory management

You can easily manage your inventory with Repero, upload items in bulk or as needed.

Manage your inventory using repair inventory software

Use Repero for all kinds of products

Cars, Bicycle, Scooters, Computers, Mobile phones, Jewelry, Instruments, Cameras, Electronics and more.

Repero, a repair ticket software, supports all kinds of products for repairs

Statistics, graphs and charts

When was your busiest month? Who was the busiest employee?

Busiest day chart in Repero, a electric scooter repair shop software Staff tasks pie chart in Repero, a repair shop software Graph showing total price in Repero, a repair ticket software

Add materials and comment on a repair

Workers can add costs to a repair. Use comments to add information, for example if the customer calls, etc.

Electronics repair shop software Repair shop inventory management

List of features

  1. Save your client info online
  2. Send your clients Email or SMS
  3. Inventory management
  4. Mobile & tablet friendly
  5. Use Repero for all kinds of products
  6. Statistics, graphs and charts
  7. Upload photos of repairs and products
  8. Notification system - Get notified if an email address is incorrect
  9. Multiple languages like English, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, French, German and more
  10. Assign repairs to employees
  11. Print and customise receipts and invoices
  12. Create your own statuses (In progress, Paid, Waiting, etc.)
  13. Have multiple workers working for the same company
  14. Add materials and comment on a repair
  15. Search and filter
  16. Find nearby shops
  17. Create your own web page
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