Repair shop system for Musical instruments

You can use Repero for your musical instrument repair shop. Repero is a simple and flexible repair shop software that you can easily adapt to your needs. If you specialise in a certain type of musical instrument repairs, like guitar repairs or piano repairs or if you cover a range of instruments, like string instrument repairs or brass instrument repairs, Repero’s flexible nature helps you organize your Instrument repair shop business and will improve the quality of your service and help you maximize your time.

By using Repero as your repair shop system you are able to easily enter information about the client, product and repair. Quickly lookup clients, see the repair history of the instrument, upload photos of repairs, a photo of the issue before and after the repair. With Repero you can also quickly inform clients about whatever you wish with one click, through text messages or email, saving you time to focus on other tasks.

Another great feature that is great, especially for loyal customers or to create loyal customers, is the email reminder for a future check-up. Just schedule a reminder to be sent at your chosen time, however far in advance as you like, and add your custom text.

Repero also has a Time Tracker to track the time while you repair the item to keep track of time spent on each repair and task. This is a valuable tool as most repairers underestimate the time it took for them to complete a repair and therefore often end up giving away their time.

Repero is an excellent option for your Musical instrument repair shop and just sign up for free and see how Repero can work for you.

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