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We are Lena and Viktor the creators of Repero. We are from Iceland but we have lived in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and currently in Barcelona. Our goal is to continue to develop Repero and keep adding features with the focus on simple but highly functional and powerful software. If you have any suggestions for new features or improvements you can always contact us through our social links below our images above.

Repero was built for a family members bicycle repair shop in 2015, the initial goal was not to create a full standing Repair management software, but to create a more efficient way to contact clients when a product was ready. It was taking too much time and multiple attempts to get clients on the phone to notify them that their bicycle was ready. This first version was therefore mostly focused on allowing the repair shop to notify the clients by email or SMS with one click, which freed up time that had been spent on the phone and increased productivity and billable hours.

Since then we have been adding features and constantly improving Repero to being a stand alone Repair management software that is now being used by all different kinds of Repair shops all over the world.

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