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Í dag er Repero notað um allan heim fyrir alls kyns viðgerðarverkstæði. Til dæmis reiðhjólaverkstæði, farsímaviðgerðarverkstæði, hljóðfæraverkstæði, rafhjólaviðgerðarverkstæði, bílaverkstæði, tölvuverkstæði, rafverkfæraverkstæði og margt fleira.

If you have an electronic repair shop, and you are looking for repair shop software to help run your business, you can use Repero. We built Repero to be as simple and no customisation is needed to start using it straight away but you are also able to make tweaks to the system to improve your workflow and to fit the needs of your electronics repair shop.

With Repero you can easily lookup clients and their history and follow up with specific products' repair history. You can upload photos of products and repairs and quickly inform clients with our built in Text messages and Email information system.

Try Repero out today for free or you contact us at and schedule a demo.

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